Quality Inspector - Level 2

Company Name:
Ace Precision
Job Summary: Inspects materials and products, such as sheet stock, weldments, machine shop parts, and metal castings for conformance to specifications, quality standards, dimensional accuracy, and customer requirements. Description:
Works from and interprets fairly complicated sketches, routings, product specifications, and quality requirements, to determine dimensions and tolerance specifications.
Performs layout work.
Sets up dial bore and rail gages for production purposes.
Interprets and performs geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T;) evaluations.
Demonstrates understanding of statistical process control principles.
Assists in performing receiving inspection operations, checking for conformance to specifications and PO requirements.
Performs standard operations on coordinate measuring machine (CMM), such as true position and alignment. Writes simple programs.
Examines material and product for surface defects, such as cracks, pits, dents, burrs, nicks, and incomplete welds.
Compares product with parts list or sample model to ensure completion of assembly.
Follows established procedures to verify specified dimensions of product or material using a variety of standard inspection tools, such as thread and dial bore gages, OD & ID micrometers, scales, indicators, and calipers.
Analyzes and rejects defective parts. Identifies type of defect on part, container of parts, or inspection tag. Confers with or refers critical inspection problems to Quality Supervisor for determination.
In coordination with the Maintenance Department, performs preventive maintenance on inspection equipment.
Proceeds under general supervision.
Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of and conformity with Ace Precision Quality System work instruction requirements that govern Quality operations.
Maintains or exceeds production standards through efficient organization and planning.
Follows and complies with safety policies and procedures.
Accurately completes all required documentation.
Meets attendance policy requirements.
Contributes to team effort by assisting in areas as needed.

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