Electrical Systems Engineer

Company Name:
SITE Personnel Services, Inc.
Electrical Systems Engineer
Menomonee Falls, WI
5 month contract
$32-35 per hour
Job Summary
Provide leadership, training, promotion, enhancement and support for the maintenance activities within Powertrain operations. This would include development of systems and best practices associated with world class manufacturing and testing automation with a strong relationship to the ongoing operation and maintenance of production assets. Development of systems to ensure reliable operation of equipment reduced production interruptions and consistently high levels of part repeatability and quality. Coordination of projects and provide technical support on new and existing machine tools for the production operations. Direct involvement with new equipment selection, approval drawings, component specification, recommend spare parts attainment, maintenance training requirements, preventive maintenance recommendations, manual and documentation procurement. Provide facilitation/technical leadership to maintenance work groups. The individual in this position will also be responsible for expense budget management and attainment of additional Maintenance Engineering resources required to meet the needs of the organization. This job will require a high level of independent identification of organizational needs and formal communication to plant leadership on a timely basis.
Key Result Areas
Self Development
Employees at all levels are expected to keep abreast of new and changing technology and methods
that enhance their skill set. This can be accomplished through continuing learning at outside
classes, seminars, reading and other related training opportunities.
Continuous Improvement
Employees are expected to find ways to continuously improve processes and responsibilities in their job.
Establish measurable goals for production equipment reliability and productivity improvements, measure and communicate performance to established goals. Draw in expertise from the workforce to establish and attain goals. Involvement with the selection of all capital process equipment in order to reliability and serviceability. Coach the work groups to participate in sharing ideas through the Best Practice Circles and other means.
Employee will interact with variety of stake holders via various communication mediums (written and/or verbal).
Budget Management
Manage projects to meet budget requirements. Track productivity, quality and cost improvements associated with the application on automation projects and Maintenance improvements. Work with maintenance work groups to establish maintenance budgets and tracking capitol expediters. Develop machine spare parts lists with machine tool suppliers, work groups that meet the spare parts budget requirements. Coach the work groups in communicating with suppliers, and ordering operating supplies directly from the supplier.
Project Management
Develop and coordinate projects that enhance machine reliability, productivity, consistent improvement in quality and operational safety. Manage and track projects to ensure on time delivery. This involves working with internal work groups and external resources.
Technical Support
Provide maintenance and Project Engineering services to Production Departments. Use technical information to develop creative solutions to technical problems. Interface with Plant Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Tool Engineers, Product Engineering, and Maintenance Work Group Members/Advisors. Develop and modify ladder logic and all machine control programs. Establish system of control program management including stabilization of installed data, accessible back up and protected master copies of machine tool logic.
Work Unit Performance
Provide technical guidance, project direction and assistance to both hourly staff and management personnel. Participate as a member of maintenance work group, provide support to work groups, work advisors, manufacturing engineers and skilled trades. Develop a defined vision of future workforce skills and capabilities required to meet manufacturing objectives, perform an assessment of current skills and assist in the execution of development plan.
Relevant Education:
Requires Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering or related technical field
Relevant Experience:
5-10 years of experience in all aspects of machine tool controls (CNC & PLC) Electronic gauging and quality data collection environment. Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Knowledge of Total Productive Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance. Strong interpersonal skills in conflict resolution, coaching and mentoring are essential. Person must be a self-starter. Experience in working in a team environment and fostering team concepts to build group commitments to goals and objectives. Must have strong organizational, problem solving skills. Practical application of ergonomics and a good understanding of OSHA requirements Machine Tools. Computer experience including AutoCAD, Allen Bradley & General Electric PLC software, Graphical design systems, numerical control, word processing and spreadsheet programs.
Equivalency Definition
If the candidate does not meet the degree requirement a combination of relevant education and experience should total the equivalent of 8 years.

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