Supervisor (13248)

Company Name:
SITE Personnel/MAP Engineering
Responsible for the day-to-day coordination and support of bargaining unit employees in rotation groups with team leaders in the manufacturing, assembly, fabrication, distribution and/or development of vehicle or vehicle component parts. Position is responsible to support rotation groups to achieve department metrics for safety, quality, delivery, cost, people and sustainability. The supervisor is a key link in the help chain for the rotation groups and team leaders.
Primary responsibility is to provide mentoring, resources, tools, and direction needed for the value adders to be as effective and efficient as possible. Majority of time is spent on shop floor.
Associate's degree required; degree in Business Engineering, Operations Management or Manufacturing Technology preferred.
Demonstrated ability at the team leader level in a manufacturing environment, or other relevant leadership experience for a period of two years, plus the expressed desire to continue business and leadership education and training will be accepted.
o This is an entry-level position, however, previous experience in a co-op program or intern assignment, experience as the leader of a team, and an ability to jointly lead work groups with union leadership a plus. Must be able to perform at a learning level for all functions of the Supervisor
o If the candidate does not meet the degree requirement a combination of relevant education and experience should total the equivalent of 4 years.
Shift: Multiple shifts available

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