2nd Shift Manager/Supervisor

Company Name:
Under the direction of and reporting to the Plant Manger the 2nd Shift Manager/Supervisor will direct all functions supporting manufacturing operations during the second shift hours. This shift Manager/Supervisor is expected to manage plant operations while keeping close focus on the company objectives on safety, quality, cost, and customer delivery requirements.
Work closely with the Plant Manger to understand second shift requirements in terms of resources (Employees and Materials) to meet daily plant outputs.
Must prioritize, schedule, and delegate daily work assignments and directly supervise shift functions of fabrication, assembly and maintenance (limited).
Meet expected daily production loads to ensure timely delivery of customer products.
Evaluate, recommend, and implement improvements in methods and processes to increase productivity and quality.
Develop plans to maximize utilization of materials, machines, and employees.
Review production processes and continuously propose improvement opportunities through CI and ME Teams.
Be the technical liaison supporting manufacturing operations and manufacturing engineering teams.
Ensure all employees are trained, follow work procedures and process checks were identified.
Ensure policies and procedures are followed in compliance with OSHA, environmental and various regulatory agencies.
Ensure general compliance with company policies/ regulations and perform other duties as assigned.

Don't Be Fooled

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